Sasha Hatfield

Sasha HATFIELD: Resume

Sasha Hatfield


SAG-Eligible                     Height: 5’6’’                

           773.633.4647                                      Weight: 130 lb.                  



Bates: A Musical "Psycho" Parody    Marion Crane/Lila The Public House Theatre 

Game of Mobile Homes        Cersei Clannister/Mandi The Public House Theatre 

Macbeth Lady Macduff/Porter Organic Theatre Company

Amadeus                     Venticella                                  Boho Theatre Ensemble

How To Lose Your Job...             Donna                                       The Public House Theatre

Hauptmann                                Anne Morrow Lindbergh               Boho Theatre Ensemble

Bye Bye Liver: Boston/Philly         Waitress, Everygirl                      The Pub Theater Company

A Midsummer Night's Dream         Titania/Hippolyta/Snout                  Shakespeare Now!

Macbeth                                     Banquo/Lennox/Doctor                 Shakespeare Now! 

Medea                                       Medea                                       Mask and Dagger, NH

Titus Andronicus                         Tamora                                           Full Contact Theatre Company

Lula Bell in Search of Santa         Mrs. Claus, Various                     Manhattan Children’s Theatre

Othello                                    Bianca                              NorthEast Shakespeare Ensemble

Othello                                        Bianca                                       Julii Theatre Company, NYC           

Click Clack Moo                        Cow 1                                       Manhattan Children’s Theatre

The Comedy of Errors                  Luce, Adriana/Luciana (u/s)           NorthEast Shakespeare Ensemble



Skyn Condoms                                                                           The Onion

Bernie and Phyl's Furniture                                                           Sound and Vision Media 

Cash for Gold                                                                             Sound and Vision Media 

Earth Day PSA                                                                           The Sundance Channel



Ongoing: Regular Guest Voice Actor                                              Premiere Radio/Clear Channel

Silver Star Motors                                                                       Sound and Vision Media

Pain Care                                                                                   Rick Bean Productions



The Show Might Go On Mariana (Principal) PubHouse Productions 

Sarahnormal (Webseries) Tally (Lead) CA Productions, Chicago 

Anyone Can Be an Advocate          Mandy (Principal)                  Sunflower Productions

Mindedge: Online Learning Video  Businesswoman (Principal)      MindEdge, MA   

White Picket Fence                         Maddie Brown (Lead)           Coffee Spoon Productions



CHICAGO: The Annoyance: Megan Johns, Tim McKendrick

Profiles Theatre: Darrell W. Cox, Rick Snyder 

NEW YORK:     Circle in the Square: Jacqueline Brookes, Terese Hayden, Alan Langdon, Sybil Lines, Kevin McGuire

Film/Voiceover: Brette Goldstein, Ellie Devers



University of New Hampshire: BA in Theatre, Acting Emphasis

Regents College, UK



Dialects: American Southern, Brooklyn, German, Standard British, Saudi Arabian          

Languages: German, Some French

Misc: Scansion, Singing, Basic Ballet and Tap, Basic Juggling, Stage Combat (Broadsword, Hand-to-Hand), Long-Distance Running, Impressions: Carmella Soprano, Katharine Hepburn  


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