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 1/06/2014: In the middle of Chicago's Polar Vortex! Rehearsals for "Amadeus" with Boho start tomorrow!

 01/06/2014  Haven't updated in a while! Here's a 2013 overview! 

1. Got married!

2. Opened The Public House Theatre in Wrigleyville with my Husband

3. Became head of PR at TPHT

4. Shot a commercial for Skyn Condoms with The Onion! I was the very nude lead! 

5. Played Anne Lindbergh in Boho Theatre Ensemble's Jeff Award Nominated "Hauptmann"

6. Back with Boho for "Amadeus" in the Spring! (one of my all-time favorite plays!)

7. Started the comedy band, Housebroken (formerly Small Town Wonders). Our first run, "Confession: Obsession" went up at TPHT. We perform regularly at Elbo Room and Underground Lounge.

8. Played Donna, the Head of Vicious Marketing and Wrongful Acquisitions in the hilarious, weird "How to Lose Your Job and Alienate Friends"- the first production to emerge from The Public House Theatre's Writers' Room.

9. Learned what a Spec Commercial is, shooting a few of them last week. Thanks, Four Star Casting!

10. Got my feet wet in Improv at The Annoyance! 

 01/01/2013: SAG-eligible!

11/11/2012: Wrapped "Needle in the Haystack."  

11/05/2012: Cast as Tally in the webseries "Sarahnormal. 

11/03/2012: Cast as Carla in "Humbug," opening at Stage 773 on November 30th, and playing every Friday at 10:30pm. 

10/30/2012: Started production on the student film "Needle in the Haystack."  

10/18/2012: Officially a proud resident of Chicago, IL! 

09/28/2012: Bid Philadelphia farewell. Made a final tour of the Northeast to say goodbye to friends and family for a while.

09/22/2012: Opened Bye Bye Liver in Philadelphia

09/15/2012: Performed Bye Bye Liver at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival with casts from Boston and Philly. Sold out show! 

09/14/2012: Final show in Boston with the original cast of Bye Bye Liver: Boston

08/2012: Working as Assistant Producer for Bye Bye Liver: Philadelphia 

07/2012: Recorded two radio commercials for Silver Star Motors

06/2012: Shot commercial for Cash For Gold!

05/28/12: End Shakespeare Now! tour, make preparations to move to Chicago in October.

04/29/12: Opened Bye Bye Liver (Waitress/Everygirl)!

03/15/12: Began rehearsals for Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play; Began touring Midsummer and Macbeth.

2/13/12: Began rehearsals for A Midsummer Night's Dream (Titania/Hippolyta/Snout) and Macbeth (Banquo/Lennox/Doctor)

1/23/12: Shot a commercial for Bernie and Phyl's Furniture! Look for my persuasion all over New England, starting in the second week of February. 


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