Sasha Hatfield


"I found Sasha Kraichnan’s Tamora captivating; this actress is not to be missed in future productions. She had a superior command of the language and her character, and she never failed to impress me." Brian Balduzzi, (Titus Andronicus)


"Sasha Kraichnan...  a news anchor, speaking with the accent and gravity of Christiane Amanpour..." Laurel Graeber, The New York Times (Lula Bell in Search of Santa)


“… a fast-talking slimeball … employs … a very pretty, very officious head of marketing (Sasha Kraichnan), the latter of whom becomes the new guy's love interest.” Nina Metz, The Chicago Tribune (How to Lose Your Job and Alienate Friends


"...and then there's "the girl we all know that should never, ever drink liquor," hilariously played by Sasha Kraichnan." Johnny Plankton, Events Insider: Boston (Bye Bye Liver: The Boston Drinking Play)


"Sasha Caroline Kraichnan excels as the cow who's the Voice of Reason..."  Peter Filichia, The Tribeca Tribune (Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type)


"One of the biggest challenges was to make sure Medea didn't come across as simply crazy, but instead as an intelligent woman who had been pushed too far, Kraichnan said.  Cory Gagnon, a junior classics major who attended Saturday's night performance and knew the story of "Medea," said Kraichnan achieved this goal." Danielle Curtis, The New Hampshire (Medea)